The Complete List of '90s Phenomena We Wish Would Return

The '90s are back! Last year it was announced that a "Boy Meets World" spin-off, entitled "Girl Meets World," was in production, and get ready: It's premiering next month. Still not sated? "The Power Puff Girls" is being rebooted and will air on Cartoon Network in 2016, according to Variety. Looking for something more educational? No worries: "The Magic School Bus" is returning in 2016 too, to Netflix. (Remember these episodes?) So pull out your jellies and Birkenstocks and cross your fingers that these other things from the '90s will also make comebacks soon!

Do you have favorites from yesteryear that aren't on our list? Add them in the comments!

TV Shows

"Fun House" with J.D. Roth

"Super Market Sweep"

"Just the Ten of Us"

"The Torkelsons"

"Square One"

"Hey Dude"

"The Real World" (specifically seasons 1-9)


"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


"Sister, Sister"



Soap operas and talk shows

Fashion Statements



Track suits

Baby-G watches

Slap bracelets

Reebok Pumps

L.A. Lites

Anything from the Delia*s catalogue

z cavaricciCultural References

Mix tapes

Taping songs off the radio

Passing notes

Boom boxes

Answering machines


Frosted tips

"The Babysitter's Club"

Slang, especially, "Pysch!"

Games and Toys


Backyard Baseball

Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy

Bop It

Puppy Surprise

Mall Madness

Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?


Foods and Drinks

Ecto Cooler

Surge soda



Jello Pudding Pops

Magic Middles

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