Jessica Castro
Good morning, buenos dias, and bom dia Bay Area! Waking up in beautiful San Francisco is a dream come true. I'm thrilled to help bring you the morning news and to be back in California!

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but I've spent most of my life in California. I grew up in Irvine then went to college in Los Angeles at USC (Fight on!) where I studied Broadcast Journalism, International Relations, and Multimedia.

I began my career in TV news in Amarillo, TX. Then, I spent nearly half a decade in Las Vegas as a reporter and morning anchor. Now I'm replacing the neon lights of Sin City with the glistening waters of the Bay!

When I'm not at work you can probably find me on the tennis court or curled up with a good book. I also really enjoy cycling, swimming and hiking.

Please follow me on Twitter or Instagram and find me on Facebook. I speak Portuguese and Spanish! Story tips are always welcome or just a quick "Hello!"

The movement is sweeping Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with stories from anyone who's ever been sexually harassed or assaulted.
There is a mapping tool that is helping Santa Rosa residents find out whether their home was destroyed in the deadly wildfires.
The city of Santa Rosa is sending a heartfelt message of thanks to its first responders after relentless wildfires have been tearing through communities in the North Bay since Sunday.
During the chaos of the Las Vegas shooting, a San Ramon woman was separated from her boyfriend, who she later learned had been shot. It was a tearful moment on Tuesday as they met at the spot where he was hit.
The mood is still somber in Las Vegas, and no one has quite moved on. Messages flash everywhere -- some showing a number for where victims can seek counseling.