Jimmy Kimmel opens up about preparing for the Oscars

Friday, February 24, 2017 09:41AM
The Oscars aren't just a big night for mega-celebrities, on Sunday Jimmy Kimmel will be making his debut as host.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - The Oscars aren't just a big night for mega-celebrities, on Sunday Jimmy Kimmel will be making his debut as host. He told ABC7 News anchor Natahsa Zouves that he's been dreaming about the Oscars constantly, and has even started keeping a notepad next to his bed.

"In the middle of the night, I think of something, but I'll write it down and about half the time I can't read the writing at all. It's a bunch of garbled nonsense," said Kimmel.

He's relying on his writing team from Jimmy Kimmel Live! to help him come up with the zingers that'll have the stars laughing. Kimmel says he's already anticipating watching the show back after the fact.

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"I will go home and I will re-watch whatever happened, and I will take note of the people who aren't laughing," said Kimmel. "I will do my best to destroy those people over the course of the next six to 11 years."

All joking aside, Kimmel is taking his preparation seriously. He is studying previous hosts and revealed that he's watched 10 whole broadcasts from beginning to end.

"That made it worse, because you see how good people like Billy Crystal and Ellen DeGeneres were, and are. I wouldn't recommend it. I think my advice to any future Oscar host is to not watch any of that stuff, just go in blind," said Kimmel.

He is not exactly new to this kind of gig. Kimmel has hosted the ESPYS, the American Music Awards five times, and the Emmy Awards twice. But, he admits, there's something special about the Oscars that makes you examine how far you've come.

Zouves discussed an episode of Finding Your Roots on KQED with Kimmel. On the show, he grew emotional when talking about his close relationship with his grandparents, Sal and Edith. Zouves asked Kimmel what his grandparents would have thought of him hosting this year.

"Just the idea of being on a local commercial would have been an amazing thing for anyone in my family. You know, my cousin Anne was on a billboard in Las Vegas, and we thought it was as if she'd won six Oscars or something. For them, I think they'd be very, very excited about this," said Kimmel.

You can watch Kimmel this Sunday night as he hosts the Oscars, only on ABC7! Our coverage on the red carpet starts at 2PM, with the show to follow at 5:30PM.

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