How to become an organ donor

November 28, 2007 7:27:27 PM PST
Once you have decided to become a donor, the most important step is telling your family. Most American's support donation, but few have told family members their decision to donate. Talking about donation is talking about the opportunity to give another person a second chance at life.

Sign-Up For Organ Donation:

  • Donate Life California
    California has a statewide registry for organ and tissue donors. Visit "Donate Life California" online at

  • California Transplant Donor Network
    The California Transplant Donor Network has donor information specific to Northern California at

Share your wishes to become a donor: (Below are different ways to tell your next-of-kin, family and/or friends you want to be a donor.)

  • Electronically: Send an e-postcard, view or forward a special Flash presentation via e-mail.

  • Post Web banners: Educate others through Web banners on your Web site.

  • Distribute brochures: Distribute brochures to people in your community.
Talk to your family about organ donation. Talk to your family about donating life.

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