Boulder Ridge

December 29, 2007 3:50:51 PM PST
Boulder Ridge is a new, ultra-private club set in the hills on the south side of Almaden Valley, not at all far from downtown San Jose. If you're lucky enough to play there, however, you'll feel a long way from the Silicon Valley hustle and bustle. It's like being up in the clouds looking down on the peons. The views are spectacular. The golf course itself is very interesting also ? the club is indeed aptly named. When they say boulders they mean it. Many are the size of houses, and they dominate the first eleven holes of play. Close your eyes, blink hard, and you'd think you're in Arizona.

Unfortunately, the course loses steam in its last seven holes, all of which wind back and forth along a ridge away from the boulders. These holes are decent, but just lacking the jaw-dropping coolness of the first eleven. If the club reversed nines, it might be on to something. Then again, when costs 187-thousand dollars, who says they'll ever listen to me?

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