Massage therapist convicted of sexual battery

August 22, 2008 12:36:18 PM PDT
A massage therapist convicted of sexual battery against two female clients was sentenced to one year in county jail and immediately remanded into custody in San Mateo County Superior Court Thursday, a chief deputy district attorney said.

Kevin Raymond Bradshaw, of Hayward, was convicted by a jury on two counts of the misdemeanor charges June 17, chief deputy district attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.

Bradshaw was charged for incidents that occurred while he was working as a massage therapist at San Mateo spas, according to Wagstaffe.

The first occurred in late January 2007, when Bradshaw kissed a woman's upper thigh while giving her a massage, Wagstaffe said.

Bradshaw was fired for the incident, but some time later was working at another spa when he fondled a female massage client's genitals, Wagstaffe said.

Bradshaw was also charged for an incident involving an alleged third victim but found not guilty on that count.

Judge Jonathan Karesh Thursday said he was disturbed by defendant's conduct and sentenced Bradshaw to one year in San Mateo County jail. Bradshaw was immediately remanded into custody and ordered to register as a sex offender.