Marin County cops claim $75 million

May 5, 2009 5:42:49 PM PDT
Two Bay Area cops have become millionaires overnight. One of them bought a lottery ticket during his shift and staying true to their pact, the pair are now both millionaires.

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They are more than a little stunned.

Liese Hansen and Brian Cabaud are probably two people you have never heard of before and may never see again. But, they are having a very good day in the sun.

"When all the numbers matched I just stood there," Cabaud recalled.

"We're still waiting for them to say, 'The joke's on you,'" said Hansen.

But, it is not a joke. It is $75 million from the MEGA Millions jackpot, a quick pick from a Chevron station in Mill Valley, where the staff has been giving away duplicate tickets with the winning numbers.

"If only I had it last week," pondered Lucia Thomas. "I would buy my mother a big, bad home and fish for the rest of my life."

Both Cabaud and Hansen are Marin County sheriff's deputies. They were already a couple, sharing an apartment.

"I said, 'I just want to clarify something with you really quick right now. If you bought the ticket, or I bought the ticket, it's our ticket,'" she recalled telling Cabaud. "So, I think I had a little premonition."

Now the couple has decisions to make including whether they should take a lump sum, payments, continue working, or donate to charities. They will begin by donating to the cause of four slain Oakland police officers.

"For those officers to do what they did and end up giving everything they had for the protection of the people of Oakland, California, the United States, was unbelievable," said Cabaud.

It was unbelievable, kind of like their good fortune. Both are under thirty years of age and have years to spend it.

"Let's just say I can't rent a car," said Hansen.

"I can," said Cabaud.

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