CreaTV offers grant opportunity to SJ schools

January 10, 2011 3:04:03 PM PST
School officials in San Jose are excited about a grant opportunity offered by non-profit media group CreaTV.

CreaTV San Jose plans to purchase $500,000 worth of digital media equipment and software, and then award it to 19 schools, public, private or charter. School officials say today's tough budgetary times require these types of partnerships.

"When cuts happen, traditionally the first area that is cut is the arts. So this is an opportunity for not only the arts to be supported, but be supported with state of the art, high quality equipment, that there's no way, I can you, as a district, that we'd be able to do something like this," San Jose Unified Superintendent Vince Matthews said.

The winning schools will have to show a need for the equipment, but also have the facilities and instructors in place to use it. CreaTV manages San Jose's public and education channels on Comcast cable and online.