SJ assistant principal arrested for 'inappropriate touching'

Leland High administrator arrested for touching

May 3, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
There is a disturbing accusation at a San Jose high school. An assistant principal is facing charges of having sexual contact with one of the students. Joseph Reghitto was arrested at Leland High School on Wednesday and at noon on Thursday the district notified parents through an automatic phone call and email system.

Reghitto is accused of inappropriately touching a minor in Sept. 2011. He was arrested on campus on Wednesday.

"We as parents will allow our children to go to these schools, so naturally when this type of incident occurs it's a huge violation of trust," said San Jose Police Officer Jose Garcia.

Police felt there was enough probable cause to warrant an arrest. The district, meantime, put both the school's principal and another assistant principal on paid administrative leave. They actually reported the incident to police.

"We really want to be able to do a thorough investigation and want to make sure all processes were followed, so this is something that is not really a negative outcome," said Karen Fuqua, a school district spokesperson.

Reghitto, meanwhile, was released from custody Thursday. No one answered the door at his San Jose home.

"It's so surprising that it's hard to believe and I try not to think about it," said Nina Whitlock, a student.

Reghitto started working a the school two years ago and is in charge of overseeing student activities and advising sophomores.

"He was cool. I thought he was a pretty cool guy," said Rachel Repetto, a student.

Now, this is a campus that stands divided.

"It happens. It's sad, it's irritating, frustrating," said Dan Degn, a parent.

"We can't pass judgment. We don't have all the infomation. We don't know what it's about," said Ana Whitlock, a parent.

This is the second incident in less than two months that's shaken Leland High School. In March, nine students were caught cheating.