Hot temperatures prompt health, fire warnings


October 2, 2012 6:43:03 PM PDT
The hot temperatures Tuesday prompted the closure of Alum Rock Park due to high fire danger. Because of the combination of high temperatures and low relative humidity, city leaders decided it was too much of a fire danger for any public activity to take place Tuesday. So, the park was closed and it wasn't the only location where activity was being monitored.

With temperatures in the South Bay climbing, the principal of Cesar Chavez Elementary School in San Jose, Renee Sanch , didn't take any chances. He put up shade canopies for his students and had them drinking plenty of water. Fortunately, the school has air conditioning which was turned on in the classrooms. Outside, everyone took extra precautions. "We limit some of the play. Students still want to get out there and do some exercise but we don't do the soccer, we don't do some of these sports or activities that might over exert them," Sanch said.

For some, the smart move was to simply stay in the shade. "It's really hot today, I mean I can't even breathe," one girl said. Temperatures were hot enough for the public health officer of Santa Clara County to remind people about the heat's dangers. The warning is especially aimed at parents with infants and the elderly. "It's really important to watch those two extremes of our population and anyone else that has heart disease, respiratory problems, chronic illnesses. They also are at a higher risk," Marty Fenstersheib said.

It was so hot that one of downtown San Jose's main attractions in July is now a big hit in October. For some, there is just no escaping the summer-like weather. If you felt a little overheated Tuesday, just imagine conditions for a work crew on Center Road. "The asphalt comes out at 300 degrees and it's 100 out, so it's like 400 degrees. It's like you're in a sauna. You don't need to go to a sauna after this. You sweat it all out right next to the machinery," Gary Batolotto of G. Bartolotto & Co. told ABC7 News.

The forecast does call for temperature to cool down, but a park ranger says Alum Rock Park will remain closed through Wednesday.