Toddler recovering after pencil through brain

January 25, 2013 9:24:22 PM PST
19-month-old Olivia Smith of New Boston, New Hampshire, was coloring with her mom when she fell onto a pencil. The pencil entered through Olivia's eye socket, and traveled five and one-half through her brain, coming to rest near her left ear.

"I've been in business 33 years, haven't seen anything like this," New Boston Fire Chief Dan MacDonald said.

The full length pencil did not puncture anything vital, just missing Olivia's optic nerve and major arteries. Neurosurgeons at Children's Hospital in Boston were able to remove it.

Olivia did suffer three strokes during the ordeal, leaving her right side temporarily paralyzed, but two weeks later, she's now home, much sooner than expected, and doing remarkably well.