LGBT protest at Russian Consulate in San Francisco

Russian soldiers confront a gay rights supporter.

August 3, 2013 7:34:27 PM PDT
A loud protest was held Saturday in front of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco as part of a worldwide effort to draw attention to growing hostility toward gays living in Russia. Protesters waved a large rainbow flag outside the building.

It's part of an international outcry over the a set of new laws passed by Russia's Parliament that makes it illegal to speak about homosexuality to children or display a rainbow flag in public

The issue has struck a nerve among LGBT activists worldwide, especially in San Francisco.

"In terms of you start with the laws that start marginalizing and criminalizing entire groups of people and it's just outrageous. And there needs to be more focus on this, and Russia needs to be forced to back off," said San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener.

Gay and lesbian Russians have been brutally beaten, harassed and attacked following the passage of the laws. The country is now reversing its decision over how those laws will be enforced during the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics.

"I won't stop being Johnny Weir, the gay fabulous ice skater person walking down the street," said United States figure skater Johnny Weir.

A top Russian lawmaker says the law will not apply to Olympic participants and guests.

That's not good enough for some activists who want the laws repealed altogether.