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Vietnam photographers reflect on images

An amazing group of photojournalists are in San Francisco to show the powerful images they captured during the Vietnam War.
November 14, 2013 10:29:53 PM PST
There's an amazing collection of photojournalists in San Francisco. They are in the city to show the powerful images they captured during an important time in our history -- the Vietnam War. The event is at the Marines Memorial Theater.

"Photographer always have a camera, never know what happens every second or minute," photographer Nick Ut said.

It's the philosophy Ut has followed most of his life. He's a diminutive man with a big eye that has captured forty years of history through a lens for the Associated Press.

"We are trained to look for things other people don't look for," Sal Veder said.

Veder calls it a gift. In 1974 he won the Pulitzer Prize for a photo of Lt. Colonel Robert Stirm coming home from Vietnam after five years as a prisoner of war. Veder never learned the back story until much later; Stirm's wife had filed for divorce that very day.

Chick Harrity changed a life when he shot the sick baby girl in a box on a Saigon street corner. As the result, she came to the United States, had heart surgery, and remains to this day.

"That's my favorite picture of all time because it had a good result," Harrity said.

Every picture, a moment. Every detail, there for examination. Real life, frozen, even as it moves on.

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