Ceremony held for giant eucalyptus tree that toppled during storm

December 21, 2013 3:27:19 PM PST
People performed a Native American song to say farewell to a nearly 120-foot tall tree that toppled during a storm in Oakland.

An appreciation ceremony was held Saturday for the nearly 150-year-old tree, which is located near the Lake Chalet restaurant on Lakeside Drive.

Strong winds with gusts up to 65 mph brought the tree down on November 21.

The eucalyptus tree holds personal significance for many who live in Oakland.

"We got married under this tree. I've always admired this tree. It always seemed so big and strong and solid, it seemed like a good place to celebrate our union," Pat Cashman said.

Due to fire and safety hazards, crews began trimming the trees' branches this week.

The process to remove the stump is set to begin next week.