Teen suspended after giving teacher unopened beer

Texas teen Chaz Seale who was suspended from school after bringing beer to class.

February 26, 2014 5:07:42 AM PST
A 17-year-old Texas high school student is fighting a suspension after he says he accidentally brought a can of beer to school in his lunch.

Two weeks ago, Chaz Seale said he mistakenly grabbed the beer can instead of a soda from the refrigerator as he was hurrying while running late for school. When he realized his mistake, the junior gave the unopened beer to his teacher who reported it the principal. He was suspended for three days and sent to an alternative school for two months.

"So I gave it to the teacher thinking I wouldn't get in trouble, and I got in trouble," said Chaz Seale.

"There has to be a grey area; you can't punish a kid for doing the right thing, the same punishment that you would give a kid that you catch doing the wrong thing," said Chaz's mom, Christi Seale.

The school district says the principal followed appropriate administrative protocol. Seale's mother is appealing the decision.

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