Officials to issue new rules to clear trash on Mount Everest

This is a October 1996 photo of Mount Everest (8.848m) seen from peak Gokyo Ri (5.431m) in Nepal (AP Photo/Hans Edinger)

March 4, 2014 5:10:55 PM PST
Nepal is making new rules to persuade hikers to clean up after themselves on Mount Everest, in the hopes of clearing the tons of garbage now clogging the world's highest peak.

Starting this Spring, Nepali officials at Everest base camp will check that each climber descends the mountain with approximately 18 pounds of trash, the amount the government estimates an exhausted climber discards along the route.

The goal is to make sure no new trash will be left on Everest, which has earned the nickname "the world's highest garbage dump" because of the tons of crumpled food wrappers, shredded tents and spent oxygen cylinders littering the mountain.

The government did not say what action it would take against climbers who don't comply.

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