Fighting in Iraq affecting Bay Area gas prices

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The fighting in Iraq will soon be felt at Bay Area gas pumps. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

The fighting in Iraq will soon be felt at Bay Area gas pumps.

The largest refinery in Iraq was closed for a time, but in the southern regions, oil production is up.

For motorists filling up in the Bay Area, the high gas prices seem overwhelming.

"It's tough for me to totally understand, so I kind of just zone it out because it's so confusing, so no, I don't totally understand it and I just go with what the price is," said Greenbrae resident Michael McClure.

That's what most people do, and the doing is getting tougher.

"The tremendous amount of trouble going on in Iraq right now is already raising oil prices up to about $106, $107 a barrel," said financial journalist Jordan Goodman.

Goodman believes oil prices will go up from here.

"Oil workers flee when you have this kind of trouble so that's why supply is going to be coming down," he said. "And we can't make up that supply very quickly. That's why oil prices are rising well over $100 a barrel, and I think will go up further, maybe to about $110 a barrel or so."

What drivers can do is drive less, plan trips carefully, and ease up on the gas pedal.

"Another thing is feed your car health food, not junk food, health food," said Pam Oaks, author of Car Care for the Clueless.

Oaks says a dozen years ago, a group of major car manufacturers got together with some gasoline companies to come up with a gasoline called 'top-tier' fuel.

"These petroleum companies have put together additives in the fuel to make your car have the highest mpg, the least amount of emission -- which we all like -- and the least amount of carbon build-up," she said.

Top-tier fuel is provided by participating gas stations like Shell, Chevron, 76 stations, and others.
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