iPhone user struggles with mysterious problems

Apple iPhone 4S

They say if anything can go wrong, it will. That certainly was the case for a South Bay woman with her iPhone. She turned to 7 On Your Side for some help.

Like many iPhone users, Los Altos resident Lori Ann Bibat is an avowed Apple aficionado.

"I'm a big fan of Apple and I already understand how it works," Bibat said.

But her affection for Apple was tested when she encountered several problems with the iPhone 4S she bought two years ago. In less than six months, the backlight on her iPhone went out.

"I thought I was not turning it on properly," Bibat said. "The screen was just black."

She took her phone into the Genius Bar and Apple fixed the issue, but six months later, another problem popped up. Every time she tried to shut off her phone it would turn right back on.

"I'd call it my vampire phone. I don't know why it's not staying off," Bibat said.

Back she went to the Genius Bar and Apple again promptly agreed to fix her phone. The phone worked well for eight months. Then she started getting texts from Apple that she was in danger of going over her minutes for data usage.

"And I was like, that's weird because I wasn't using it more than I had before," Bibat said.

Turns out her Wi-Fi couldn't be turned on. So once again, she made another trip to the Genius Bar -- her third trip in less than two years.

Apple this time refused to fix the phone saying too much time had passed since her purchase.

"So I'm kind of feeling frustrated because I didn't feel like I should have to buy a new phone if this was something I didn't have control over," Bibat said.

Her family encouraged her to contact 7 On Your Side and she did. We reached out to Apple and it was great, agreeing to give her a brand new phone.

"I want to say thank you for helping me out, the 7 On Your Side team and thank you for Apple for being so receptive and replacing my phone," Bibat said.

Apple declined to comment for this story. If you have a consumer issue you need help with, let me know.
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