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Restaurant staffed almost entirely with deaf servers

A restaurant in Canada that is staffed almost entirely with deaf servers is hoping to break down barriers.
A restaurant in Canada is hoping to break down barriers. It's called "Signs" and the eatery just opened in Toronto.

Once customers walk inside, they quickly realize things are a bit different.

You see, this restaurant is staffed almost entirely with deaf servers.

The job is a dream come true for one young woman who used to work as a hotel maid.

"You find a job, but it's not the job you want, it's not what fits you," said Gaitrie Persaud. "And this is something that fits my dreams and my goals. This is one of my dreams come true to be here."

"This is an amazing opportunity for the deaf community to be able to put themselves out into the workforce, in a workforce that would otherwise discriminate against them," said Rachel Shemuel.

Managers want to make it clear that people who can hear are welcome as well. They can simply point to menu items.

And if they're up to it, they can try signing. Each table has a flip chart to teach signs.

The restaurant's owner does realize that ultimately the quality of the food is what will make "Signs" successful.
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