Is this the best high school senior prank ever?

(YouTube, Adam Miller)

The only thing cooler than this jaw-dropping senior prank is the principal's reaction.

Students at Marietta High School in Marietta, Georgia have been rolling toilet paper as a senior prank for the past 50 years. Adam Miller, who posted the video below, said this year's seniors are in a class of their own: "We've not seen it done this awesomely...ever..."

Watch how far the toilet paper extends across the outside of the school:
Channel 2 Action News, the ABC affiliate in Atlanta, spoke with the principal of Marietta, and get this: He likes the prank. He pointed out to Channel 2 that other students pull pranks that cause damage, like putting glue in the locks, but his students opt for something that's less permanent, and they help clean up. He also said he loves to see students excited to go back to school.

And it's a win-win: The students probably love getting praise from prank-lovers in a way that's punishment-free.
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