Top 5 Hilarious Miss USA Fails

We all know our home state capital? Right? Right, Miss Nevada? Right? Ummm, well... Never mind. Oh yeah, Miss Nevada grew up in California and even competed in Miss California three times. Cue the carpetbagging buzz.

What better way to get through a Monday then to look back at the top 5 Miss USA fails.

#5 Miss Hawaii, 1992
Nadine Tanega is one proud Hawaiin!

"From the rocky shores the beautiful sandy beaches of...Hawaii...America is our home." Maybe she just needs to travel more. Either way, we don't think the real eye opening thing about Nadine is her answer - just check out those shoulder pads!

#4 Miss Philippines USA 2013

Joanlia Lising was asked which of her five senses she favored most: "Seeing is the best sense that we can ever see...because seeing is believing...and believing until you see is perfect." We just saw it and we still can't believe it.

#3 Miss California, 2009

You probably don't remember who won Miss USA 2009. But, we bet you still remember runner up Carrie Prejean, and the firestorm after she took on gay marriage and celebrity judge Perez Hilton. Prejean became a poster child for gay marriage haters but was knocked off her pulpit after a sex tape surfaced.

#2 Miss Utah, 2013

Poor Marissa Powell! She will always be remembered for one of the most rambling, incoherent, brain-cell-killing responses in the history of the Miss USA contest. Hey, but at least she did win most 'Photogenic.'

Miss Teen South Carolina, 2007

Caitlin Upton, crowned queen of cringe as she manages to bring South Africa, Iraq and Asia into the fold when asked why 20-percent of Americans couldn't find the U.S. on a map. No matter what state you live in, this epic fail will always bring a smile to your face.

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