5 Wedding disasters that ruined the Honeymoon

In celebration of Ginger Zee's upcoming wedding on June 7th, we're looking back on some of our favorite nuptial catastrophes. While we would never wish any distress or misfortune on Ginger's special day, we know it could be ripe for comedy. So let's pre-game this wedding season with some good ole schadenfreude.

It's a bittersweet catastrophe.

Appearing to have lost too much weight in preparation for her wedding day, this bride's skirt just can't stay on her waist. After Marching down the aisle to the 90s hit song, "Bittersweet Symphony," this disaster goes from minor misstep to horrifying humiliation within seconds.

Just when you thought the hip thrusts were over.

These groomsmen begin dancing to the cheesy Sugarhill Gang hit, "Apache," as they chasse their way over to the happy couple to make their speech. However, just when the dance seems like it went over successfully, one groomsman missteps and takes the cake.

Crying is perfectly acceptable at a wedding.

Except when it's crying from a hysterical and frightened little child. This would-be flower girl makes a memorable fanfare to introduce the bride as she hollers all the way down the aisle. The cherry-on-top is the young ring-bearer's facepalming over the incident.

Is that cake gluten free?

Some people just don't like cake. As the bride shovels cake into the groom's mouth, we see his gag-reflex turn spastic. With seemingly cat-like reflexes, and cat-like clumsiness, this groom manages to toss a whole table across the room with one arm. By accident. Skip to 1:33 for the punchline.

It's a nice day for a crashed wedding.

For the icing on the cake, here's a montage of dozens of the fails and blunders that you'll hope never happen at your wedding. But if they do, rest assured, they will forever live on YouTube and in the cackling laughter of others.

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