Eight memorable moments from 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 18

Week One: Charlie and Sharna, "Let Her Go"

Carrie Ann: "You're very yin when you dance, and you're very yang. It's a very interesting combination because normally the male is very yang, but you had yin and yang....are you following me?"

Sorry, Carrie Ann, you can only string a metaphor out so far before you get some perplexed (but amused) looks.

Week Two: Danica and Val, "All Nite"

Erin: "How do you think you stood out this week?
Danica: "I think the fire helped!"

I'm not sure if that's modesty or humor on Danica's part, but either way, the fire probably didn't hurt.

Week Three: Cody and Witney, "Surfboard"

Len: "There was no wipeout during your surfing, period."

Dancing With The Stars can sometimes turn into "dancing around the corniest play on words." And let's face it, you love it that way.

Week Four: Val and Meryl, "Too Close"

"I think I made Maks look like Mother Teresa this week."

The most requested combo in the switch-up week was Meryl with Val, whose brother Maks is usually her partner. Needless to say, there was just as much drama off the dance floor as there was on it.

Week Five: James and Peta, "Let It Go"

Len: "That would melt the coldest heart, even mine."

Self-deprecating humor and a play on Frozen's subject matter? After that kind of gushing, no one should have been surprised when Len gave this dance a 10. (It was the first perfect score of the season, by the way).

Week Six: Meryl and Maks, "Feel So Close"

Bruno: "The tension in the room, you could taste it."

What flavor was the tension, Bruno? Salsa? (Whoops, never mind. Wrong dance style).

Week Seven: Team Vida, "The Cup of Life"

Bruno: "It was like an extra-large tequila!"

I'm not really sure what that means, Bruno, but I love that you stand up to show when you're excited (which is a lot).
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