These priceless pieces of film history have a price after all

And it ain't cheap.
Remember the glass house that shattered in that iconic scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

It recently sold for $1.06 million. The home's owner thought it would go for a lot more, especially considering the role it played in the film.

Past owners of pieces of film have gotten a little--or a lot--luckier. Sometimes something as simple as a small statue can sell for a pretty penny.

Back to the Future
Prop: Time-traveling car (DeLorean Dmc-12)
Price: $541,000

Wizard of Oz
Prop: Ruby red slippers
Price: $666,000 (most expensive of four pairs)

The Maltese Falcon
Prop: Black falcon figurine
Price: $4,085,000

Goldfinger and Thunderball of the James Bond series
Prop: 1964 Aston Martin car
Price: $4,600,000

The Seven Year Itch
Prop: Marilyn Monroe's subway dress
Price: $5,600,000
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