Bieber vs LaBeouf: Who's The Bigger Jerk?

Justin Bieber and Shia LaBeouf. The names themselves invoke an image of misbehavior and poor decision-making, the type of person that young girls are told to stray away from and young boys told not to emulate. But even across their many years of traffic violations, awkward and often illegal female interactions, and verbally and physically abusive behavior, it's still hard to determine which young man is the bigger embarrassment to society.

It seems the only way to determine which celeb is, in fact, the worst, is by ranking them in each category of rudeness, criminal trespass, or just plain old crude and bizarre behavior. It'll be a close match, but these contenders are veterans and know how to create a whirlwind of media controversy wherever they go. Let's get ready to rumble.

Traffic Violations

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Bieber: The Biebs has a tenured history of non-compliance with LA traffic laws. Bieber most recently was involved in a Beverly Hills car crash while trying to escape the paparazzi. Bieber is also being sued for a 2013 incident where he allegedly struck a pedestrian with his Ferrari while leaving the Laugh Factory comedy club. Back in 2012, Bieber stopped traffic to confront Paparazzi tailing him, and was arrested in January over suspicion of DUI.

LaBeouf: LaBeouf most recently made online headways when he stared down a motorcycle driver in Burbank, CA. A video taped by the driver shows LaBeouf pulling up and intimidatingly staring down the biker. Lane splitting may be obnoxious, but in California it isn't illegal under proper circumstances. So LaBeouf's eye threat seems a bit unwarranted. But LaBeouf though came under huge fire for a drunk driving incident in LA back in 2008, a charge of which he was eventually cleared.

The Winner: It's a tough one, but Bieber seems to have a natural penchant for reckless driving in nearly all circumstances.

Female Encounters

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Bieber: He had a well-publicized relationship with Disney starlet Selena Gomez. But he's been increasingly disrespectful to female fans, calling one a "beach whale" and referring to one supposed fan as a bitch at horse riding stables in Burbank. Even beyond his verbal remarks, Bieber was reported to have slept with a prostitute at a Brazilian brothel. Throw in multiple claims of harassment and Bieber ain't so chivalrous with the ladies.

LaBeouf: LaBeouf's dating history is pretty impressive, including Carey Mulligan and Transformers co-star Megan Fox. But LaBeouf was reported to have nearly scared his Lawless co-star Mia Wasikowska off set with his intense method acting.

The Winner: Bieber. LaBeouf's encounters may have been strange and controversial, but he definitely seems to have slightly more respect for females than Bieber.

Media Encounters

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Bieber: Bieber is a constant subject of media and paparazzi attention, so it's understandable that he'd have his less chivalrous moments with reporters now and then. But Bieber has thrown verbal threats to reporters in England, while also impersonating his interviewers at press junkets. It seems that as Bieber has gotten older, his tolerance for press interaction has exponentially lowered, making him a constant resurgence in many reporters' bylines.

LaBeouf: LaBeouf hasn't necessarily been that rude to reporters himself, but he's constantly dissed his collaborators. LaBeouf has dogged his three-time Transformers director Michael Bay, and even had some harsh criticism toward Hollywood legends Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone, creating a routine pattern of ungrateful and backstabbing behavior.

Winner: Bieber. As much as LaBeouf has proven his disloyalty to those who have helped launch his career, we just can't compare that with threats of violence. That's just not cool.


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Bieber: Bieber's plane had to be detained because it reeked of marijuana. He's spoken about drinking sizzurp and has been arrested on assumption of DUI. There have been reports of Biebs snorting coke at an LA nightclub. Sure, he's around college age, but this kid has some substance abuse issues out of control.

LaBeouf: The actor was taken into police custody this week for drunkenly disrupting a performance of Cabaret on Broadway. In the past, co-star Rupert Grint has stated he watched LaBeouf drop acid. Shia's also been known to be addicted to sizzurp, and head-butted a patron at a London pub.

The Winner: LaBeouf. They seem to be ingesting the same amount of illicit drugs, but LaBeouf's reactions to such drugs have a direct negative effect on anyone within proximity.

Bizarre Behavior

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Bieber: The singer's behavior has become worrisome with the rise of his fame over the years, which has been attributed more to exhaustion and overworking. It seems too that a lot of Bieber's other transgressions have been attempts to establish himself as a bad boy instead of just a teenybopper. Then again, his court deposition video shows that he does have a lot of brooding emotional turmoil, both with his rise to fame and over his breakup with Gomez.

LaBeouf: As he's begun to view himself as more of a serious actor and artist, LaBeouf's behavior has become increasingly bizarre and erratic. The entire span of the film Nymphomaniac's publicity cycle was just one LaBeouf masquerade after another, literally. LaBeouf staged a multi-day apology exhibit in Los Angeles for his multiple incident of plagiarism while wearing a brown paper bag over his head. Whether these were just one big publicity stunt or the slow unraveling of LaBeouf's mental psyche (or both) is unclear. But what is certain is that LaBeouf is just plain weird.

Winner: LaBeouf. Everyone goes a little crazy, especially in trying to maintain a public persona, but his attempts at any apology come off as disingenuous, and slathered with even more self-serving bizarreness.

Final Verdict:

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Bieber, by a nose.

LaBeouf's behavior is bizarre, his encounters with females scary, his drug use rampant, his media encounters incendiary, and his traffic violations a mile long. But nobody can trump the Biebs when it comes to being a disgusting excuse for a man.

Do you agree (or disagree) with our judgement? Let us know in the comments below.

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