How well do you know lyrics to The Lion King songs?


Oh I Just Can't take this quiz
Believe it or not, The Lion King turns 20 today. Yes, even '90s kids are feeling old right now. Take this quiz to see if you still know the highest grossing hand-drawn film of all time word-for-word.

Try your hand at filling in each of these blanks, then scroll down to see what you got right.

Level 1 (Two words):
_____ ______
What a wonderful phrase
_____ ______
Ain't no passing craze

Level 2 (five words, Elton John version):
An enchanted moment
and it sees me through
It's enough for this restless warrior
____ __ __ ____ ___

Level 3 (three words):
Everybody look left
Everybody look right
Everywhere you look I'm
Standin' __ ___ _________.
...Not yet

Level 4 (four words):
There's no mountain too great
Hear these _____ ___ ____ _____

Level 5 (four words, Scar's part):
So prepare for the coup of the century
Be prepared for the murkiest scam
________ ________
_______ ________

Level 6(three words, from the musical and Special Edition DVD):
This is the morning report
gives you the long and the short
Every grunt, roar and snort
Not a ____ _ _______.
On the morning report

Level 7 (four words):
Nants ingonyama
bagithi baba
___ ___

Bonus (four words, from the musical):
It's so incredible
That you're so rude
When you're so edible,
____ ____ ___ ____!

1. ...Hakuna Matata
From: "Hakuna Matata"
2. ...just to be with you
From: "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"
3. the spotlight
From: "I Just Can't Wait to be King"
4. ...words and have faith
From: "He Lives In You"
5. ...Meticulous planning, tenacity spanning
From: "Be Prepared"
6. ...tale I distort
From: "The Morning Report"
7. ...sithi uhm ingonyama

From: "The Circle of Life"
Bonus: ...when you are food
From: "Chow Down"

How many did you get right?
Zero: You don't know any songs from The Lion King? Where have you been the past 20 years?
1-2: You've probably only seen the movie a couple times. Be careful making casual references in public. One of your more Lion King crazy friends might call you out on it!
3-4: You know this isn't just a movie, it's embedded in our culture. But when it comes to arguing over who's the biggest fan, well....hakuna matata, right?
5-6: You can only watch The Lion King with other really intense fans. You probably know all of the words in the movie and talk along with it, too. And have intense arguments about the best character/song.
7-8 Tim Rice, is that you?
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