QUIZ: Which Game of Thrones house you do you belong in?

The Iron Throne from HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones" (HBO)

Do you rock the Iron Throne like a Lannister or do you rule the dragon school like a Targaryen? Find out which Game of Thrones house you belong in.

1. What's your preferred way to get revenge on your enemies?

A. Conquer them, take no prisoners, and make their former subjects love you
B. Pay someone to get revenge for you, in whatever way they prefer
C. Fight them with a fury and take what is theirs
D. Expose your enemy for who they are, then rise against them for justice
E. Find the enemy of your enemy and team up with them to take your enemy down

2. How's your relationship with your family?

A. You never really knew your family. Most of what you know is from tales and word of mouth.
B. You get along extremely well with your powerful family members and despise the weak ones.
C. You constantly fight with your siblings because you all have hot tempers and different beliefs.
D. You all love each other, but your lives all have very different paths
E. You work well together as a team to achieve your goals.

3. How does your family gain power?

A. By biding their time until you can seize control of powerful weapons... then you attack
B. By paying off whoever needs to be paid and by making powerful allies
C. Seizing it yourselves with brute strength
D. By honesty, respect, and hard work
E. By doing whatever it takes to gain advantage, even if it means marrying a family member off to someone terrible

4. What's your family's motto?

A. Fire and Blood
B. Hear Me Roar
C. Ours is the Fury
D. Winter is Coming
E. Growing Strong

5. Pick an animal.

A. Dragon
B. Lion
C. Stag
D. Wolf
E. You'd rather be a rose than an animal.


Mostly A's: House Targaryen, formerly of the Red Keep and Dragonstone

You come from a very ancient line of noble rulers. Known for your unique beauty and ability to tame dragons to do your bidding, you pretty much have it going on... if you're still alive. You have good intentions but tend to go a little crazy sometimes. You may feel all high and mighty with Khaleesi and the gang, but watch out for rogue dragons and the haters. All hail the Mother of Dragons! (Image by HBO)

House Targaryen

Mostly B's: House Lannister of Casterly Rock

Well...on the bright side, you're really rich. You also always pay your debts. Unfortunately, you probably have a family full of not very nice people and you most likely did bad things to gain your power. At least you have a king on the Iron Throne. All hail King Tommen! (Image by HBO)

House Lannister

Mostly C's: House Baratheon of Dragonstone

You're in one of the Great Houses of Westeros. Members of your family tend to be powerfully built and strong. You Baratheons are also known for having tremendous tempers, but if you're trying to conquer a land like Westeros, you're in the right family. Too bad you all can't get along, but since there's only one of you left... all hail King Stannis! (Image by HBO)

House Baratheon

Mostly D's: House Stark of Winterfell

Sure, you're down on your luck at the moment. At least you can say that you fight for what is right and just in the world, and you have the respect of every honest man out there. Since not many people know that a lot of you are still out there, you have the perfect opportunity to end up on top. Winter may be coming but you brought your awesome blanket. All hail King... well, you'll work on it. (Image by HBO)

House Stark

Mostly E's: House Tyrell of Highgarden

You guys sure know how to come out on top! You know exactly what to do to gain wealth and prestige. You Tyrells are a close-knit clan that work together to achieve your goals. You may not have a king on the Iron Throne, but you have one ambitious queen that will stop at nothing to keep her crown. All hail Queen Margaery! (Image by gameofthronescharacters.net)

House Tyrell

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