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Sneak peek of ABC's 'Rising Star'

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Leyla Gulen has a sneak peek of Rising Star, which premieres this Sunday on ABC7.

The traditional live singing competition is being turned on its ear. This Sunday, "Rising Star" premieres on ABC7.

What's one of the worst things about music competitions on TV? You vote then have to wait days to see how your favorite singer stacked up. Well, wait no more! "Rising Star" is about to take reality singing shows to a whole new octave. Here's how it works: viewers vote on a singer's performance by swiping yes or no on the free Rising Star app. Votes are immediately tallied on the screen and viewers can see the results instantly and watch how other viewers around the country are voting too.

Singer Josh Groban will host.

"That decision will be instantly shown on the wall. They might see their picture, they might see a decision up there, but every vote is counted in absolute real time," said Groban.

The star judges also have a vote, rapper Ludacris, pop star Ke$ha and country star Brad Paisley. If the performer gets enough votes to raise the two-ton, three story wall and the performer moves on. If not, the wall stays down and they go home right then.

"The wall is a huge metaphor for many of these people competing. There have been these walls in their lives. This is a wall that stands in their way from moving on," said Groban.

You can catch the premiere of "Rising Star" right on ABC7 this Sunday at 9 p.m.
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