Ten helpful tips to survive Outside Lands 2014

The Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is on August 8-10. (jessicasarahs/Flickr)

Whether you're a seasoned Outside Lands veteran or a festival newbie, check out these survival tips to make it a care-free, music-filled weekend.

1. Dress in layers. The cold San Francisco nights don't care about how cute your festival outfit is. Make sure you bring warmer clothing for later, or there will be lots of regret. Trust us. (Photo by saket_vora/Flickr)

Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival

2. Specify a meeting place for in case group members get lost. Cellphone service isn't great at large festivals like Outside Lands, and you don't want anyone to get left behind.

3. Plan what artists you want to see ahead of time. Last-minute sprinting to a band you didn't realize was playing that day isn't too fun. (Photo by Outside Lands)

Outside Lands schedule

4. Stay hydrated. Outside Lands branded water bottles will be available for purchase on-site and come with free refills all weekend. You can also bring your own and refill it for just $1.

5. Make a transportation game plan ahead of time because no one likes being stranded. Shuttle passes are still for sale, and there is also bicycle valet parking at Golden Gate Park. If you're planning on taking Muni, check out their hours of operation beforehand. (Photo by Outside Lands)

6. If you were planning on renting a locker, they're already sold out. Bring a backpack for your group's stuff and switch off who has to carry it every hour or so.

7. If your phone tends to die quickly, there will be charging stations at the Convenience Store powered by PayPal. However, don't waste precious music time sitting at the charging station. It's always best to make sure you're fully charged before you leave the house or bring a portable charging device.

8. Don't sneak in alcohol, they will catch you. There are plenty of beer and wine options available for purchase inside the park. (Photo by Outside Lands)

Beer Lands at Outside Lands

9. It's always a good idea to bring plenty of snacks to save money on food, but try to sample at least a few of the tasty offerings. Outside Lands prides itself on providing sensational food for festival-goers. Embrace the delicious-ness.

10. Download the free Outside Lands app to help navigate you through the festival. The app even has a friend-finder that can help track down your wandering buddies. (Photo by Outside Lands)

Friend-finder on the Outside Lands app

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