4 Reality Shows Gone Too Far

Some things just shouldn't be on TV. Lifetime has announced their plans to create a new reality TV series, Born in the Wild--documenting women who choose to give birth in the wilderness--and we can't wait for the disaster trend it will undoubtedly kick off. Until its debut, however, let's reflect on some other outrageous reality TV concepts that just went too far.

1) Indian talent show exhibits insane, self-inflicted violence. WARNING: Violent Images

India's Got Talent doesn't seem to have a defined criteria for "talent," especially after showcasing "The Warriors of Goja." This huge team of huge, muscular Sikhs show off their strength and pain tolerance by inflicting dangerous stunts upon each other and themselves. In just under a minute, it descends from a singing and dancing musical number to a total freak show. Self-flogging, eating broken glass, and smashing bricks stacked atop a man's face with a sledge-hammer. Now that's talent! WARNING: the level of violence escalates to a graphic level toward the video's end.

2) Killer Karaoke offers a new kind of sadism in watching singers fail.

As if karaoke wasn't terrifying enough. Now throw in heights, a water tank, and SNAKES. Formerly hosted by famous Jackass member, Steve-O, this show combines the musical talent of The Voice and America's Got Talent with the shocking, stunt element of Fear Factor. However, despite feeling sorry for this singer's torment, we can't help but giggle at her squirmy misfortune.

3) Repo men deal with armed, and angry, car owners.

Operation Repo details the danger that goes with being a vehicle repossession professional, who may seem like typical car thieves to an unwitting car owner. While we have doubts as to the authenticity of these escalated events within Operation Repo, it goes without saying that if your job is to take something that "belongs" to someone else, be prepared to be met with extreme, and deadly, opposition.

4) Discovery casts people off into the jungle. Naked.

As reality TV shows compete to offer the most shocking and outrageous content, Naked and Afraid steps up the survivor game show genre by prohibiting any articles of clothing. While all the elicit bits are blurred out in editing, you can really feel the horrible discomfort the cast is going through, from the social humiliation, and the icky exposure to the elements.

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