5-year-old girl makes life-saving 911 call

Five-year-old Jaylee called 911 and then went and got a neighbor when her caregiver fell down the stairs.

A 90-year-old woman who has spent most of her life taking care of children is now thanking one of those children for saving her life.

When Mildred Morris fell down a flight of stairs and hit her head, 5-year-old Jaylee called 911 and then went and got a neighbor.

"I think if I had stayed much longer, the blood was coming so quickly from my head, if they had not heard Jaylee, I probably would have been weakened or unconscious," Morris told ABC News. "She's a miraculous little girl."

Morris has been watching Jaylee almost daily since the little girl was just 1. Jaylee's mom is studying to become a nurse.

"She's never been to kindergarten so everything she learned is from me and her mother and father," Morris said. "I knew she was capable but I didn't know she'd be able to think that quickly."

Morris received over a dozen stitches and is recovering at home.
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