Adorable girl in tears after accidentally deleting photo of her uncle

(TwentyTwoWords / YouTube)

We've all accidentally deleted an important email or photo from our digital devices over the years. A message from an important client, a priceless photo from an unforgettable vacation, all mistakes that could have been easily avoided with just a little more attention and digital astuteness. Even though we may have suffered some consequences and slight emotional pain after deleting something, it's likely we never took it as hard as this little girl.

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The video above features an adorable four-year-old girl named Cadence who accidentally deleted a picture of her Uncle Dave. When explained what actually occurs when one deletes a photo or file from a digital device, Cadence became swept up in sorrowful emotion. She pleads to Uncle Dave to send more photos in replacement of the one that Candace deleted. Check out the video for Cadence's tear-filled but adorably funny request.
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