Dozens of snakes invade Florida parents home

(AP / Alissia Scott / Facebook)

Somebody call Samuel L. Jackson, because snakes are on the loose in Florida.

Alissia Scott of Punta Gorda, Florida has seen her home become infested with snakes in past months. Scott and her fiance Raymond Hisler have caught a staggering 48 snakes slithering through their house.

Photo from Alissia Scott's Facebook page.

The property is owned by Barnes and Phillips Real Estate. The company has sent out pest control on a couple of occasions to deal with the reptilian vermin, but still they've slithered through the cracks and into the couple's abode. Scott and Hisler have been dissatisfied with the the company's advice at handling the situation, suggesting that the couple let the snakes run their course.

Do you think Scott and her family should move to another home, or does the real estate company need to make amends?

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