Five most outrageously awesome wedding proposals

Steven Paska, 26, right, of Arlington, Va., asks his girlfriend of two years Jessica Deegan, 27, to marry him. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Everyone knows that planning the perfect wedding proposal can be hard work. Here are five men who really stepped it up with these outrageously awesome proposals.

1. Firefighter proposes to police officer girlfriend

Firefighter Jesse Gonzalez decided to propose to his police officer girlfriend Olga by staging a fake fire call in her district. When she arrived on the scene, he came walking out of the smoke, got down on one knee, and popped the question. Talk about lighting a fire in her heart!

2. Guy falls off building

We don't know why this man decided it was a good idea to pretend to fall off a building while proposing to his girlfriend. It actually really scared her, but, lucky for him, it turned out cute.

3. Man proposes using a movie trailer

Matt Stills sure knows how to think big -- big screen that is. Matt created an adorable 'movie trailer' about his intent to propose, and he played it in a movie theater that his girlfriend Ginny was in. Matt and Ginny are a match made in movie heaven!

4. Live lip-dub proposal

What's more romantic than singing a love song to propose to your girlfriend? Getting a bunch of other people to sing the love song for you, apparently. It worked for Isaac Lamb!

5. Downtown Disney flash mob proposal

The happiest place on Earth made Jamin's girlfriend the happiest girl on Earth. Who could say no when proposed to at Downtown Disney with a flash mob?

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