Watch boy's priceless reaction to mom's big baby news

(YouTube / Shanee Hart)

The announcement of a pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time for a family, filled with congratulations and excitement.

But when one mother decided to break the good news to her two young children, she got a much different reaction.

Shanee Gibson Hart, from Fort Lewis, Washington recorded this video of her breaking the news to her young son Tre and her daugher Amaya. Tre, to say the least, wasn't too thrilled after learning he'll have to share his parents with yet another sibling. He even called the idea "exasperating."

"This makes no sense," he ranted. "You have two babies and you keep loving them forever and ever, and not having another baby between us."

Tre's rant lasted for several minutes as he tried to make it clear to his mom that he doesn't want a noisy baby brother.

"Boys cry louder than girls," Tre pleaded. "Buy me some ear plugs."
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