Dress made from Taco Bell wrappers makes designer instant star

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Competing in a Taco Bell contest, an art school graduate made a dress completely out of taco wrappers, winning first place. (KTRK)

A design student's unusual creation is the newest star of a television ad -- a dress made out of taco wrappers from Taco Bell.

Olivia Mears pieced the dress together back in 2012 for a contest by Taco Bell. Mears, a recent graduate from Western Carolina University with a degree in art, held onto the dress for years. She said it wasn't until two weeks ago that the fast food giant called her and asked if she still had the dress. It turned out, she'd won first prize for the creation and was flown out to Los Angeles to star in a new ad for Taco Bell wearing the dress.

"I had to keep reminding myself what I was there for. It felt like a vacation almost. And then...alright, I'm in a commercial," Mears told ABC affiliate WLOS-TV.

Mears' commercial debuted on Sunday, but she said before it aired, it was hard to keep it a secret.

"Someone found the video and posted it on my Facebook and so, there was no keeping it a secret anymore," she said.

Mears now works for the Cullowhee Mountain Arts' program. She said she hopes she can one day make costumes for Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.
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