Sex or Stilettos: which would you choose?

It's something men have long suspected, but never confirmed - until now. A new "study" by reveals that some women, 1 in 5 unmarried and 1 in 6 married, are more turned on by a pair of shoes than their significant others. Most women can relate to the deep sigh of satisfaction that escapes involuntarily when we see a truly spectacular pair of pumps, but what else does this survey tell us about 1000 women, aged 35-44?

1. 1 in 2 women surveyed would lie about the cost of a pair of shoes. Women aged 35-44 are probably further along career-wise or have husbands who make more money, thereby giving them more shoe funds than younger women.

2. 1 in 4 women surveyed would not take off their heels, no matter how painful they were. We challenge this finding until it's settled on the dance floor.

3. 82% of women surveyed admit to owning knockoffs, or fake designer shoes. Why would anyone want to do this? You could always just paint the bottom of your shoes red.

4. Nearly 50% of women admit to having judged someone by their shoes (let's be honest, that number is closer to 90%) with half of those women admitting to judging negatively. Just admit it: you see someone wearing Crocs and think, that woman needs to get it together.

5. Really? 1 in 5 unmarried women prefer shoes to sex? Are unmarried women aged 35-44 just more dissatisfied with their love lives than their younger counterparts? That's likely a different story, but all we know is this: shoe sales will take on a whole new meaning.
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