9 Brazilian foods you need to try immediately

With more than half a million fans flocking to Brazil for this year's World Cup, there will be high demand for some of the nation's traditional foods. Brazilian cuisine has something for everyone, especially if you like cheese, fried food, and fried foods with cheese. If you're not craving these sweet and savory delicacies now, you will be by the end of this post - we guarantee it.

1. Acai

Acai is the one that everyone's heard of lately: the superfood berry that can be mixed with yogurt, granola, ice cream and even popsicles. It's sold pretty much everywhere now, so blend it up into a refreshing smoothie. Try this recipe.

2. Acaraje

Acaraje is the stuff of dreams, stuffed with everything good that could possibly exist in the world. It's a deep-fried black bean fritter, kind of like a falafel, which is then stuffed with savory shrimp, tomatoes, avocado and cilantro with spices. Delectable and heavenly. We like this version.

3. Bauru

Here's something you can actually make right now: a traditional sandwich with roast beef, cheese, tomato and other fillings. Pro tip: slice off some of the bread to make more room for the toppings. Make this one.

4. Brigadeiros

Oh my. This dessert is like a chocolate truffle, but instead of making it with cream, you make it with condensed milk (basically the most glorious substance known to man). Roll it in sprinkles and your work is done. You need to try these.

5. Coxinha

A coxinha is ingenious street food at its best: a ball of spiced chicken salad shaped into a drumstick, covered with a special batter, and fried until crispy and portable. They're Brazilian chicken croquettes, and you need to try one. Here's a recipe.

6. Feijao Tropeiro

Pinto beans, eggs, bacon and scallions. Keep it simple, keep it amazing (and healthy too). Try Emeril's version.

7. Feijoada

Black beans feature prominently in many Brazilian dishes, but the hearty feijoada may trump them all. Pronounced fay-ZWAH-da, the protein-filled meal resembles chili and usually contains some kind of sausage. This is a foolproof version.

8. Romeu e Julieta

Whose idea was it to combine sweet guava paste with creamy cheese? Whoever it was, they should be a national hero, because this sort-of-strange combination is a revelation. Bonus points for the cute name. Try it here.

9. Caipirinha

A list of Brazilian favorites could never be complete without their most famous cocktail, made simply from cachaca liquor, lime, sugar and a little salt. Bobby Flay's version is easy.

Whether you're lucky enough to make the trip to Brazil or will be cheering your favorite team from the couch, add these traditional Brazilian foods to your menu and you can be sure to have an authentic celebration (vuvuzelas not included).
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