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Adorable animals eating food adorably

Bunny eating raspberries (929 The Bull TV/YouTube)

Do you need to add a little cute into your day? Check out these incredibly adorable animals eating adorably.

A tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito

What's cuter than a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito? The answer is simple -- nothing! Watch this fuzzy little fella being fed with love.

A bunny eating raspberries

Luna, a big, chunky bunny, sure eats her raspberries with care. Look at that concentration!

A porcupine eating pumpkins

I would tell you how much Teddy Bear the Porcupine enjoys pumpkins, but I think his squeals of delight say it all.

A slow loris eating a banana

What's bigger than Kinako the Slow Loris' eyeballs? Her love for bananas! It's hard not to swoon over this cutie.

A kitten eating with chopsticks

Sometimes a cute little kitten just needs some assistance with eating his dinner.

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