Happy National Sandwich Day! Here are the most popular sandwiches in the country

BBQ, Chicken and Turkey were found to be amongst the most commonly consumed sandwiches in the country. (Shutterstock)

November may have just started, but that hasn't stopped American's appetite for turkey.

Today is #NationalSandwichDay, and turkey is still America's top choice for lunchtime goodness. According to a recent report by Chicago-baseed menu research firm Datassential, the turkey sandwich was ranked as the most popular sandwich in the country. The findings were determined from a survey of thousands of respondents who had eaten a sandwich in the past two weeks. Turkey proved to be the most recently consumed at 14% of respondents. Also cracking the top 10 were ham, PBJ, and BLT sandwiches.

Datassential also noted that subs were the most commonly consumed sandwich outside of the home, and PBJ was the most consumed sandwich inside the home, followed shortly after by grilled cheese. The firm also also noted the rise popularity of ingredients like bacon, pesto, and chipotle as now being ubiquitous, and the growing appeal of unique bread options like waffles, challah, and donuts.

Check out the gallery above to see the most popular sandwiches in the country.
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