Bacterial spray promises clean skin without bathing

Imagine never having to shower again -- ever.

Some would simply say "ew," but what if it left you with soft, moist, and less smelly skin?

Well a new product on the market claims to do just that. It's a spray containing 20 million bacteria most commonly found in dirt. And apparently, our ancestors were covered in it.

Does it work?

One journalist says maybe. For a month, Julia Scott didn't use soap, shampoo, or deodorant -- just one spritz a day of "Aobiome."

Did she notice a difference?

"Yes. My skin became more soft to the touch and I noticed that my face, which is prone to hormonally-related break-outs, did clear up," she said.

"You stop missing it. And it gives me a little extra time every day because I don't have to shower," said Aobiome inventor David Whitlock.

Whitlock swears by the product. He says he hasn't showered in 12 years.
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