Family of boy with rare disorder sponsoring blood drive

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The family of a boy with a rare disorder is so grateful for the donations he's received that they?re sponsoring a blood drive to help others.

A San Ramon family is so grateful for the blood donations their child received over many years, that they're sponsoring their own blood drive to help others.

Eight-year-old Dillon Low has received six gallons of donated blood in his lifetime. Now he's healthy. While his family is adjusting to life away from hospitals, they'd like to give back and replenish what he's used.

Dillon's parents are just now learning what most parents of little boys already know -- how to deal with their endless energy. And they are thrilled.

"Our life was tied around the hospital," said Dillon's mother, Carol Low.

Dillon was diagnosed as an infant with a rare bone marrow disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). His body was not able to produce red blood cells. Blood transfusions have kept him alive. He's had 80 of them in his short lifetime

"When Dillon, as weeks went on when he needed blood he would go pale and very irritable," Carol said. "Just his overall being would decrease by then. So, the blood is very vital."

His need was so great, he had dedicated donors who would get the call and go donate for Dillon right away.

"They did a selfless act," said Alex Low, Dillon's father. "You think about it and say wow, it's like, could I have done that? We're really indebted to them."

Carol added, "Back of my mind I was always thinking gee, I wonder who donated to him. And we wanted to give thanks to the people who donated to him."

They have figured out a way. The family has decided to host a blood drive in San Francisco this weekend.

"We feel that we want to give back and basically thank the people who have saved our son's life and also the others who are fighting right now," said Carol.

Dillon doesn't need blood anymore. He received the ultimate donation -- bone marrow from his little brother Brody. He is now cured. And even though he's only eight, he realizes that it's generous people who helped him get healthy

"Um, thank you for saving my life," said Dillon.

The blood drive is on Saturday from 10 to 4 at Zion Lutheran Church in San Francisco.

For details on the blood drive, click here.

For details from the blood drive's Facebook page, click here.
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