VIRAL VIDEO: Little girl celebrates beating cancer with music video

Make-A-Wish turned 5-year-old Addy into a pop star to help her celebrate beating cancer.

Just like other little girls her age, 5-year-old Addy loves sparkles, chocolate chip ice cream and Katy Perry. But unlike other little girls, Addy has spent the past year battling Stage IV cancer.

During her treatment, which included long hospital visits for chemotherapy and radiation, Addy would color (another favorite activity), and when she had the energy, practice singing and dancing.

To celebrate beating her cancer, Make-A-Wish gave Addy the chance to be made into a pop star and she chose to sing Katy Perry's "Roar," which was an inspiration to her during treatment. Addy got the full pop star treatment, with cheering fans and colorful costumes.
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