Teen amputee turns to marital arts to overcome muscular dystrophy

Teenager Branden Hussey, pictured on the right, is an amputee with a rare leg condition who aspires to be a UFC fighter.

A New Mexico teenager with muscular dystrophy is finding that a strong will can help you overcome almost anything.

Branden Hussey, 16, had his left arm amputated and has a rare condition in his legs.

Hussey was recently introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it changed his life. He no longer needs physical therapy, thanks to the sport and he recently won his blue belt.

He said,"It makes me feel human. Makes me feel like I can do anything."

Martial artist Isaac Vallie-Flagg said,"I complain about my everyday stuff, and my everyday life and this dude is in here with no complaints, rolling around, holding his own."

"It's inspiring because he's not just sitting at home doing the whole 'poor me thing' because it doesn't change his situation, he's taking control of his life," said martial artist Holly Holm.

Branden enjoys mixed martial arts so much his dream is to become the first amputee fighter in the UFC.
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