Jet skier runs over humpback whale

(Brynjar Thor Gunnarsson)

A jet skier in Iceland got a little to close to a humpback whale.

Brynjar Gunnarsson told an Icelandic newspaper that he was just wrapping up a day of jet skiing off the coast of Saurkrkur, Iceland when he noticed several humpback whales in the fjord.

"So we decided to slide down there and see them," Gunnarsson said as he turned on his Go Pro camera and began recording.

He and his friend then got a little to close to one of the whales. The video shows the large mammal rise out of the ocean, giving Gunnarsson no other choice to but to bump off of the whale.

Gunnarsson wasn't hurt, and he's pretty sure the whale wasn't hurt either. Jet-skis don't have propellers after all. He did joke that it would have been fun to perform a trick off the humpback.

"If I had been a bit faster, I would probably just jump straight over it," Gunnarsson told the paper.
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