LIST: 7 On Your Side status updates on North Bay wineries and wine country

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The human toll of the North Bay fires goes beyond homeowners. Those employed in Napa and Sonoma's biggest industry are also being affected- not to mention millions of consumers. (KGO-TV )

The human toll of the North Bay fires goes beyond homeowners. Those employed in Napa and Sonoma's biggest industry are also being affected- not to mention millions of consumers.

7 On Your Side's Michael Finney spoke to two different experts from the wine industry and both say the impact from these fires could last as long as a decade. Watch the video player above to see Michael's full report.

The below list includes status of area wineries and how they have fared the fires. Locations in bold suffered some sort of damage or reported having to evacuate the property.

Adastra Wines - Closed but okay.
Anaba Wines - Closed but okay.
Arrowood Winery - Closed but okay.
Auteur Wines - Okay.
B.R. Cohn Winery - Closed but okay.
Bartholomew Park Winery - closed
Bennett Valley Cellars - Closed but okay
Benziger Family Winery - Closed but okay.
Status unknown.Benziger Family Winery - Close calls. Closed but okay.
Black Knight Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Buena Vista Winery - Closed but okay.
Carneros Brewing Company - Status unknown.
Ceja Vineyards - Okay, no damage.
Chateau St. Jean - Closed. Some damage to grounds but extent unclear.
Cline Cellars - Closed but okay.
Cochon Tasting Bar - Closed but okay.
Corner 103 - Okay
Deerfield Ranch Winery - Closed but okay.
En Garde Winery - Closed but okay.
Enkidu Wine - Closed but Okay.
Enoteca Della Santina - Closed but okay.
Eric Ross Winery - Okay
Fathia Vineyards - Closed but okay
Fulcrum Wines - Okay
Galatea Effect - Status unknown.
Gloria Ferrer Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Gundlach Bundschu Winery - Family home on property was destroyed. Winery still okay.
Hamel Family Wines - Okay, some damage to vineyards but buildings okay
Highway 12 Vineyards & Winery - Status unknown.
Imagery Estate Winery - Close calls, but okay.
Jacuzzi Winery - Closed but okay.
Jeff Cohn Cellars - Closed but okay.
Kenwood Vineyards - Sustained minor damage
Korbin Kameron Vineyards- Vineyards and some outbuildings have suffered damage. Korbin's family home is gone.
Kunde Family Winery - Closed but okay.
La Rochelle Wines - Okay.
Lake Sonoma Winery - Status unknown.
Landa Vineyards - Okay
Landmark Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Larson Family Winery - Closed but okay. Planned to reopen Wednesday.
Lasseter Family Winery - Closed but okay.
Ledson Winery and Vineyards - Fire very, very close to winery as of Saturday 3:15 PM.
Liana Estates - Okay
Loxton Cellars - Closed but okay.
MacLaren Wine - Closed but okay.
MacLeod Family Vineyard - Evacuated, damage status unknown.
Manzanita Creek Winery - Closed but okay.
Matanzas Creek Winery - Closed but okay.
Mayo Family Winery - Fire stopped feet from the winery. House on property was destroyed, but winery okay.
Meadowcroft Wines - Closed but okay.
Muscardini Cellars - Closed but okay.
Obsidian Wine Co. - Closed but okay.
Pangloss Cellars - Closed but okay.
Paradise Ridge - Severely damaged, winery destroyed.
Passagio Wines - Okay
Patz & Hall - Okay
Petroni Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Ram's Gate Winery - Closed but okay.
Rancho Maria Wines - Okay.
Ravenswood Winery - Closed but okay.
Repris Wines - Situation remains highly volatile (team and families are safe) firefighters working to protect property.
Robledo Family Winery -Closed but okay.
Roche Winery - Closed but okay.
Schug Carneros Estate Winery - Closed but okay.
Scribe Winery - Closed, but mostly okay. Some damage to grounds, but fire kept from vines and structures.
Sebastiani Wines - Closed, seems to be okay.
Sojourn Cellars - Winery survived very near miss but is okay.
Sonoma Springs Brewing Company - Open and okay.
Sonoma Loeb Wines - Closed but okay.
St. Anne's Crossing Winery - Closed but okay.
St. Francis Winery - Closed but okay.
Three Sticks Wines - Closed but okay.
Tin Barn Vineyards - Status unknown.
Ty Caton Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Valley of the Moon Wines - No damage. Without power for four days. Resuming harvest.
Viansa Sonoma - Closed but okay.
Victor Hill Wines - Status unknown.
VJB Cellars - Closed but okay.
WALT Wines - Closed but okay.
Wellington Cellars - Closed but okay.
Westwood Estate Wines Closed condition unknown
Winery Sixteen 600 - Closed but okay.
Zina Hyde Cunningham Winery - Status unknown.

Acha Wines - okay
Ackerman Family Vineyards - Okay
Adastra Vineyards - Okay
Ahnfeldt Wines - Okay
Alta Napa Valley Wines - Closed minor damage
Altamura Wineries and Vineyards - Status unknown.
Ancien - Okay
Andretti Winery - Okay
Antica Napa Valley - Closed, seems to be okay.
Aonair Wines - Status unknown.
Arrow & Branch Winery - Closed, can't access property to verify any damage.
Art + Farm Wines - Status unknown.
Artesa Vineyards and Winery - Spared major damage, closed.
Avinodos Wines - Closed, damage unknown.
Back Room Wines - Closed, employees not available.
Baldacci Family Vineyards - Closed, no access to property but winery safe.
Beaucanon Estate - Status unknown.
Black Cat Vineyard - Okay.
Black Cordon Vineyards - Status unknown.
Black Stallion Winery - Closed, but no damage.
Bolen Family Estates - Closed but okay.
Boucharne Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Bourassa Vineyards - Open and no damage
Boyd Family Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Brookdale Vineyards - Status unknown.
Buoncristiani Family Winery - Status unknown.
Caldwell Vineyard - Unscathed so far, barriers being dug.
Capp Heritage Vineyards - Some crops damaged, but okay.
Carneros Della Notte - No damage.
The Caves at Soda Canyon - Status unknown.
Ceja Vineyards - Okay
Celani Family Vineyards - Okay
Chimney Rock Winery - Closed but okay.
Clark-Claudon Vineyards - Okay
Clos Du Val Winery - Closed but okay.
Coup de Foudre Wine - Status unknown.
Crane Family Vineyards - Okay
Crosby Roamann - No damage.
Cuvaison Cellars - Fire very close, but okay for now.
Dalla Valle Vineyards - Status unknown.
Darioush Winery - Closed but okay.
Del Bondio Wine Company - Status unknown.
Del Dotto Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Delectus Winery - Closed, no reports of damage.
Domaine Carneros - Closed, but winery itself unscathed. Just one acre of estate vineyards destroyed. Grapes were already 100% harvested.
Eagle Eye Wines - Evacuated but okay. Finished harvest last week.
Elan Vineyards - Minimum damage to property. Evacuated.
Eleven Eleven (1111) Winery - No damage.
Elkhorn Peak Cellars - CalFire cut breaks in the ridge behind property, no damage to winery.
Elyse Winery - No damage.
Etude Wines - Closed but okay.
Expression Wines - Status unknown.
Falcor Winery - Status unknown.
Farella Vineyard - CalFire cut a line near property, no damage to winery.
Favia Erickson Winegrowers - Okay.
Fontanella Family Winery - Okay
Fortunati Vineyards - Open by appointment and no damage
Gamble Family Vineyards - Winery evacuated, damage unknown.
Gargiulo Vineyards - Okay.
Godspeed Vineyards - evacuated, no damage known yet
Gustavo Wine - Status unknown.
Hagafen Cellars - Crush pad partially burned, along with everything along back fence. Agricultural equipment destroyed, chicken house burned, guest house destroyed, trees burned, 1 acre of Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard burned. 2017 vintage impact to be determined.
Hartwell Estate Vineyards - Status unknown.
HdV Wines - Okay
Hendry Ranch Winery - Mandatory evacuations, winery okay.
The Hess Collection - Closed but okay.
Hidden Ridge Vineyard - Status unknown.
Highlands Winery - Okay
Holman Cellars - Open and mostly okay. Back area damaged.
Hudson Ranch Vineyards - Home was spared, but entire ranch around the house burned. Winery not damaged, but olive orchards burned.
Ideology Cellars - Status unknown.
Ilsley Vineyards - Status unknown.
Inherit the Sheep - Evacuated, but okay.
Italics Winegrowers - Okay
J. Moss Winery - Status unknown.
James Cole Estate Winery - Okay but some damage.
Jamieson Ranch Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Jarvis Estate - Fire scorched hill right up to door of winery. Barn was destroyed. Winery is built in a cave inside the hill, so it survived unscathed.
John Anthony Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Judd's Hill Winery - Closed but no damage.
Justice Wine - Open, no damage
Keever Vineyards - Closed but no damage.

Kenzo Estate - Closed but okay.
Krupp Brothers Vineyards - Okay
Lagier Meredith Vineyards - Mandatory evacuations, damage unknown.
Laird Family Estate - Closed but okay.
Lamborn Family Vineyards - Okay
Lewis Cellars - Okay
Longfellow Wines - Status unknown.
Luna Vineyards in the Napa Valley - Okay
Madonna Estate - Okay
MadoroM Vineyards - Okay
Mahoney Vineyards - Okay
Mario Bazan Cellars - Evacuated but okay.
Materra - Cunat Family Vineyards - Okay
Matthiasson Wines - Okay
Mayacamas Vineyards - Okay
McKenzie-Mueller Winery - Evacuated but okay.
Melka Wines - Okay
Metaphora Wines - Status unknown.
Meteor Vineyard - Status unknown.
Mi Sueno Winery - Okay
Michael-Scott Wines - Status unknown.
Modus Operandi Cellars - Status unknown.
Monticelli Brothers - Status unknown.
Monticello Vineyards - Corley Family - Okay
Moone Tsai Wine - Status unknown.
Napa Cellars - Closed but okay.
O'Brien Estate Winery - Okay
Oakville Ranch Winery - Okay
Odette Estate Winery - Okay
Padis Vineyards - Fire within one mile. Evacuated, able to evacuate already-harvested grapes.
Palmaz Vineyards - Fire damaged borders of property. Guest house destroyed. Family house and winery okay. 85 percent of harvest already picked.
PATEL Winery - Closed, possible damage
Patland Estate Vineyards - Okay
Peter Franus Wine Company - Okay.
Pine Ridge Vineyards - Okay
Porter Family Vineyards - Okay
Prime Cellars - Okay.
Quixote Winery - Some minor damage.
Razi Winery - Status unknown.
Regusci Ranch Winery - Damage to some property. Buildings and vineyards spared.
Reid Family Vineyards - Okay
Reynolds Family Winery - Okay
Richard Perry Vineyards - Status unknown.
Robert Biale Vineyards - Okay
Robert Craig Winery - Okay
Robert Sinskey Vineyards - Okay
Robinson Family Vineyards - Property burned, but family home and winery okay.
Rocca Family Vineyards - Mandatory evacuations, no known damage.
Roy Estate - Extensive damage.
Saintsbury Winery - Okay
Sciandri Family Vineyards - okay
Shafer Vineyards - Okay
Signorello Estate Winery - Destroyed.
Silenus Wineries - Closed but okay.
Silverardo Wineries - Okay
Sixteen by Twenty Wines - Status unknown.
Smith- Anderson Wine Group - Open and okay.
Sodaro Estate Winery - Okay
Spelletich Family Wine Company - Status unknown.
Stags' Leap Winery - Some damage, extent unknown.
St. Barthelemy Cellars - Status unknown.
St. Clair Brown Winery and Brewery - Okay
Steltzner Vineyards - Closed, hoping for minimal damage.
Taylor Family Vineyards - Okay
Tetra Wine - Status unknown.
Trahan Winery - Okay, tasting room open on a day-to-day basis.
Trefethen Family Vineyards - Okay, tasting room closed this weekend.
Trinitas Cellars - Okay
Truchard Vineyards - Okay.
Tulocay Winery - Okay. Resuming harvest activities.
Verismo Wines - Okay
Vinoce-Twenty Tasting Room - Okay
Vin Roc Wine Caves - Total loss of outdoor buildings, but not wine caves.
Whetstone Wine Cellars - Okay
White Rock Vineyards - Damaged, extent unknown.
William Hill Estate Winery - Minor cosmetic damage to front sign and landscaping damage, minimal vineyard damage.
Y Rousseau Wines - Okay
Yates Family Vineyard - Okay

ADAMVS Winery - Status unknown.
Aiken Wines - Okay.
Amici Cellars - No damage so far. Working quickly to process 25 tons of Cabernet grapes.
Arkenstone Vineyards - Okay
Aubert Wines - Status unknown.
August Briggs - Closed, seems to be okay.
Barlow Vineyards - Monitoring situation, okay.
Bennett Lane Winery - Winery and family estate both still standing.
Black Sears Estate Wines - All grapes harvested. Winery okay for now.
Brian Arden Wines - Closed but okay.
CADE Estate Winery - Harvesting, closed to public, but okay.
Canard Vineyard - Evacuated, but everything safe. Peaches the 400lb pig was evacuated and is safe too!
Carter Cellars - Status unknown.
Castello di Amorosa Winery - Okay
Chateau Montelena Winery - Okay
Checkerboard Vineyards - Status unknown.
Clos Pegase Winery - Okay
Constant Diamond Mountain Vineyard -Evacuated but okay.
Davis Estates - Okay
Diamond Creek Vineyard - Status unknown.
Dutch Henry Winery - Status unknown.
Envy Wines - Okay
Fairwinds Estate Winery - Okay
Frank Family Vineyards - Okay
Hans Fahden Vineyards - Minimal damage, fire came very close (within feet) but almost everything is fine
Homage Vineyard - Status unknown.
Howell At The Moon - Status unknown.
Huge Bear Wines - Status unknown.
Jericho Canyon Vineyard - Okay
Joseph Cellars Winery - Okay
Kelly Fleming Winery - Status unknown.
Kenefick Ranch Winery - Okay
Ladera Vineyards - Okay
Larkmead Vineyards - Okay, road to winery hazardous so closed for now.
Laura Michael Wines - Status unknown.
Lava Vine Winery - Okay
Madrigal Family Winery - Seems to be okay.
Maldonado Family Vineyards - Okay
Neal Family Vineyards - Status unknown.
O'Shaughnessy Estate Winery - Okay
Olabisi Wines - Okay
Outpost Estate Wines - Okay
Paoletti Estates Vineyards - Status unknown.
Peter Michael Winery - Okay
Phifer Pavitt Wine - Fire close, but okay so far.
Promise Wine - Okay
Reverie Winery - Status unknown.
Romeo Vineyards - Okay
Saviez Vineyard - Status unknown.
Schramsberg - Okay
Schrader Cellars - Okay
Sterling Vineyards - Okay
Storybook Mountain Vineyards - Building that housed library wines is lost. Redwood grove burned quite a bit. Winery and two houses still stand.
Summers Estate Wines - Okay
Summit Lake Vineyard - Okay
Switchback Ridge - Okay
Tamber Bey Vineyards - Safe, horses fine. Tubbs Fire burned within half a mile.
Tank Garage Winery - Okay, closed for next several days.
Tedeschi Family Winery - Okay
Tristant Vineyards - Status unknown.
Twomey Cellars - Okay
T-Vine Winery - Okay, closed for the next several days.
Venge Winery - Status unknown.
Vermeil Wines - Status unknown.
Vincent Arroyo Winery - Open and safe.
Vineyard 511 - Status unknown.
Vineyardist Winery - Status unknown.
W.H. Smith Wines - Status unknown.
Wallis Family Estate - Status unknown.
Yao Family Wines - Okay

55 Degrees Wine - Closed but okay.
750 Wines - Status unknown.
Allora Vineyards - Status unknown.
Amizetta Vineyards and Winery - Closed but okay. Annual Harvest Event cancelled. Able to finish estate harvest.
Anderson's Conn Valley, St. Helena - Okay.
Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards, St. Helena - Okay.
Arietta, St. Helena - Okay, but closed for the time being.
ARNS Winery, St. Helena - Okay.
Anomaly Vineyards, St. Helena - Okay, no damage.
Ballentine Vineyards, St. Helena - Temp loss of power; open for business.
Barbour Vineyards - Status unknown.
Barnett Vineyards - Okay.
Behrens Family Winery, St. Helena - Okay.
Bello Family Vineyards - Status unknown.
Benessere Vineyards - Okay.
Beringer Vineyards - Closed but okay.
Boeschen Vineyards - Status unknown.
BRAND Napa Valley - Status unknown.

Bremer Family Winery, St. Helena - Status unknown.
Bressler Vineyards, St. Helena - No damage.
Bridesmaid Wines, St. Helena - Status unknown.
Broman Cellars, St. Helena - Okay, housing fellow winery owners.
Brown Estate Vineyards - Okay, winery serving as makeshift site of firefighter patrolling station
Bryant Family Vineyards, St. Helena - Status unknown.
Buehler Vineyards, St. Helena - Okay.
Burgess Cellars - Closed but okay.
Cain Vineyard and Winery - Okay, grapes are fine. Working to harvest and process.
Calafia Cellars - Status unknown.
Casa Nuestra Winery and Vineyards - Status unknown.
Chappellet Winery - Closed but okay.
Charbay Winery, St. Helena - Okay.
Charles Krug Winery - Closed but okay.
Charter Oak Winery - Closed but okay. Currently making wine.
Chase Cellars - Status unknown.
Clif Family Winery - Closed but okay.
Conn Creek Winery - Closed but okay.
Continuum Estate Winery - Status unknown.
Corison Winery - Okay. 2017 harvest is finished.
Crocker and Starr Winery - Closed but okay.
D.R. Stephens Estate - Okay.
Dana Estates - Status unknown.
David Arthur Vineyards - Okay.
David Fulton Winery - Status unknown.
Decoy Wines - Okay.
Duckhorn Vineyards - Okay.
Eagles Trace Wines - Status unknown.
Ehlers Estate - Closed but okay. All grapes were harvested and are being processed.
El Molino Winery - Status unknown.
Failla Wines - Closed but okay.
Fiftyrow-Smokescreen Vineyards - Okay.
Forman Vineyard - Status unknown.
Franciscan Estate Winery - Closed but okay.
Freemark Abbey Winery - Closed but okay.
Frias Family Vineyard - Okay.
Frog's Leap Winery - Okay. Tasting room closed until further notice.
G Cook Family Winery - Status unknown.
Gandona Winery - Status unknown.
Ghost Horse Vineyard - Okay.
The GRADE Cellars - Okay.
Grgich Hills Estate - Okay. Finishing harvest. Tasting room closed until further notice.
HALL Wines - Okay. Partnering with Redwood Credit Union and have raised over $70,000. Will match donations up to $100,000.
Handwritten Wines - Okay.
Harlan Estate Wine - Okay.
Heibel Ranch Vineyards - Status unknown.
Heitz Wine Cellars - Status unknown.
Herb Lamb Vineyards - Okay. Finishing harvest.
Heritage School Vineyards - Status unknown.
Houdini Wines - Status unknown.
Hourglass Winery - Okay. Finishing harvest.
Hunnicutt Wines - Status unknown.
Hunter III Wines - Status unknown.
Jacquelynn Wines - Status unknown.
JCB Lounge - Status unknown.
Joel Gott Wines - Okay.
Joseph Phelps Vineyards - Okay. Closed until further notice.
Kelham Vineyards & Winery - Status unknown.
Kuleto Estate - Okay. Closed until further notice.
Lang & Reed Wine Company - Okay.
Long Meadow Ranch Winery - Okay.
Louis M. Martini Winery - Employees safe but status of winery unknown.
Macauley Vineyard - Status unknown.
Markham Vineyards - Okay. Harvest mostly complete.
Marston Family Vineyard - Status unknown.
Match Vineyards - Status unknown.
Meander Wines - Status unknown.
Mercury Head Wines - Status unknown.
Merus Winery - Status unknown.
Midsummer Cellars - Status unknown.
Migration Wines - Status unknown.
Morlet Family Vineyards - Status unknown.
Mount Veeder Winery - Status unknown.
The Napa Valley Reserve - Status unknown.
Newton Vineyard - Status unknown.
Neyers Vineyards (part of Trinchero Family Estates) - Okay.
Nichelini Family Winery - Okay. Closed for now.
Noble Wines Napa Valley - Status unknown.
Orin Swift Cellars - Okay. Tasting room closed for now.
Ovid Vineyards - Status unknown.
Pahlmeyer Wines - Status unknown.
Palladian Estate Winery - Status unknown.
Paloma Vineyard - Status unknown.
Parallel Wines - Okay.
Pellet Estate - Okay.
Philip Togni Vineyard - Status unknown.
Prager Winery & Port Works, St. Helena - W/O Power for a short time; Open for business
Pride Mountain Vineyards - Okay. Tasting room closed for now.
Quintessential Wine Estate - Okay.
Raymond Vineyards - Okay, no damage.
Realm Cellars - Okay.
Redmon Wines - Status unknown.
Relic Wine Cellars - Okay.
Revana Family Vineyard - Okay.
Revival Made - Status unknown.
Ritchie Creek Vineyard - Status unknown.
Robert Keenan Winery - Okay.
RustRidge Ranch & Winery - Okay.
Rutherford Ranch Winery - Closed but okay.
Sabina Vineyards - Status unknown.
Salvestrin Estate - Okay, working to crush Merlot grapes.
Schweiger Vineyards - Okay. Finishing up harvest.
Seavey Vineyard - Okay. Tasting room closed until Tuesday, October 17.
Sherwin Family Vineyards - Status unknown.
Sinegal Estate Winery - Closed but winery, estate, and team all safe.
Smith-Madrone Vineyard - Okay. Onsite in case of strong winds.
Snowden Vineyards - Okay.
Spottswoode Winery - Okay.
Spring Mountain Vineyard - Status unknown.
St Helena Winery - Okay. Continuing harvest.
Stony Hill Vineyard - Okay.
Sutter Home Wines - Closed but okay.
Terra Valentine - Okay. Continuing with harvest.
Titus Vineyards - Okay.
Tres Sabores Winery - Okay.
Trinchero Napa Valley, St. Helena - Okay, but closed for the time being.
Trinity Oaks - Status unknown.
Tuck Beckstoffer Wines - Okay, fruit harvested and being processed.
Tudal Winery - Okay.
V. Sattui Winery - Not yet affected, but closed 10/14 and 10/15.
VGS Chateau Potelle Winery - Okay.
Viader Vineyards & Winery - Okay.
Vine Cliff Winery Tasting Room - Okay. Harvest ended last week.
Vineyard 29 - Okay. Tasting room closed for now.
Vineyard 7 & 8 - Okay.
Volker Eisele Family Estate - Status unknown.
Whitehall Lane Winery - Okay.
William Cole Vineyards - Status unknown.
William Harrison Vineyards - Okay.
Williams Ranch Winery - Status unknown.
Young Inglewood Vineyards - Status unknown.

Acre Napa Valley - Okay
Bardessono Vineyards - Okay.
Beau Vigne - Fire approached as crews were in the vineyards harvesting. Some had to be airlifted. Damage to winery Status unknown.
Bell Wine Cellars - Okay
Blackbird Vineyards - Okay
Blankiet Estate - Okay
Chiarello Family Vineyards - Okay
Cliff Lede Vineyards - Okay
Consentino Winery - Okay
Cornerstone Cellars - Okay
Domaine Chandon - Status unknown.
Entre Nous - Status unknown.
Gemstone Vineyard - Status unknown.
Girard Winery - Okay
Goosecross Cellars - Okay
Hestan Vineyards - Okay but tasting room closed
Hill Family Estate - Okay
Hoopes Vineyard - Okay. Continuing with harvest, despite evacuation.
Hope & Grace Wines - Okay
Hopper Creek Winery - Status unknown.
Husic Vineyards - Okay- tasting room open
J. Gregory Cellars - Okay - Tastings by appointment
Jessup Cellars - Okay
Juslyn Vineyards - Okay, having trouble finding harvest workers which is crucial
Kapcsandy Family Winery - okay
Kelleher Family Vineyards - okay
Lail Vineyards - Okay
Maisonry Napa Valley - Status unknown.
Page Wine Cellars - Vineyards badly burned, estimated lost 80 percent of Cabernet crop.
Paraduxx Vineyards - Okay
Pedras Wine Company - Status unknown.
Priest Ranch - Okay
Renteria Family Wines - Status unknown.
Reverie Winery - Open and okay
Silver Trident Winery - Open and okay
Robert Mondavi Winery - Okay. Closed until further notice.
Scarecrow Wine - Status unknown.
Skipstone Ranch - Status unknown.
Stewart Cellars - Okay
Tom Scott Vineyard - Okay
TOR Wines - Okay
Tuck Beckstoffer Wines - Okay
Vine Hill Ranch - Status unknown.

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