Most destructive California wildfires in history

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Here are the five most destructive fires in California history. (Eric Risberg/AP Photo)

As the fires blaze throughout Northern California, the North Bay fires have become one of the most destructive wildfires in California history.

The death toll for the North Bay fires has risen to at least 15. More than 2,000 buildings have been damaged, and more than 20,000 people have been evacuated. The fires have charred more than 80,000 acres combined.

Currently, the North Bay fires sit as the third most destructive wildfire in California history in terms of structures damaged. With the two largest fires at zero containment, the numbers are expected to rise for the already historic fire.

Here are the most destructive fires in California history based on number of structure damaged:

1. TUNNEL FIRE - Oakland Hills (Alameda County), October 1991
Structures damaged: 2,900
Acres burned: 1,600
Deaths: 25

2. CEDAR FIRE (San Diego County), October 2003
Structures damaged: 2,820
Acres burned: 273,246
Deaths: 15

3. VALLEY FIRE (Lake, Napa & Sonoma County), September 2015
Structures damaged: 1,955
Acres burned: 76,067
Deaths: 4

4. WITCH FIRE (San Diego County) October 2007
Structures damaged: 1,650
Acres burned: 197,990
Deaths: 2

5. OLD FIRE (San Bernardino County), October 2003
Structures damaged: 1,003
Acres burned: 91,281
Deaths: 6

6. JONES FIRE (Shasta County), October 1999
Structures damaged: 954
Acres burned: 26,200
Deaths: 1

7. BUTTE FIRE (Amador & Calaveras County), September 2015
Structures damaged: 921
Acres burned: 70,868
Deaths: 2

8. PAINT FIRE (Santa Barbara County), June 1990
Structures damaged: 641
Acres burned: 4,900
Deaths: 1

9. FOUNTAIN FIRE (Shasta County),August 1992
Structures damaged: 636
Acres burned: 63,960
Deaths: 0

10. SAYRE FIRE (Los Angeles), November 2008
Structures damaged: 604
Acres burned: 11,262
Deaths: 0

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