Boat owned by Gavin Newsom's cousin sinks in San Rafael

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A boat belonging to the cousin of Gavin Newsom sank early Monday morning. The owner died on Christmas Day. (KGO-TV)

A woman's boat sunk at the San Rafael Yacht Harbor early Monday morning. The woman died on Christmas Day and is the cousin of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.

The woman's estate does not have enough money to salvage the boat, so the Coast Guard says it will have to take responsibility of the clean up.

"It meant a lot to her it was a great boat," said Brennan Newsom, boat owner's brother.

Brennan Newsom says his sister lived on the boat. He watched clean up crews toss her belongings onto a barge and asked them to please be careful.

"There are super nice antiques and fine china down there, and we will deal with it day by day," said Brennan Newsom, boat owner's brother.

The man living in the boat across from the woman at the San Rafael Yacht Harbor called 911 just before 5 a.m. when he saw that it was sinking.

"This for me is really rough. That was my best friend. I've known her since I was six," said Gregory Johnson, boat owner's friend and neighbor.

A dive team confirmed no one was on board The Coast Guard says there could be a logical reason the boat sank, such as recent rains maybe overwhelming the bilge pump. But Brennan Newsom, who is Gavin Newsom's cousin, is a bit more suspicious.

"My attorney says the only way to sink a boat like this is to syphon water on to it. It was a 55 foot boat. So I am a little bit shocked," said Brennan Newsom.

The harbor master will pull the boat out of the water and look for the cause of the sinking. At this point, the Coast Guard said there is nothing obvious that a crime has been committed.

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