Fremont launches campaign to raise awareness around rise in pedestrian accidents

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More pedestrians are being struck and fatalities are on the rise in Fremont, so they're launching a campaign to create awareness. (KGO-TV)

Suburban cities like Fremont say they are beginning to experience big city problems. More pedestrians are being struck by vehicles and fatalities are on the rise. That's why the city is launching a campaign to create more awareness around the problem.

In 2015, 86 pedestrians were struck by vehicles resulting in four fatalities. Fremont Boulevard is where a 78-year-old woman was killed by a bus in October and a 57-year-old man lost his life in November, while crossing the same street.

Click here to see map of Pedestrian-Involved crashes in Fremont during 2015

"It's one of our most heavily trafficked areas, so we are looking to see where we might be able to install some new traffic signals," said Fremont City Councilwoman Suzanne Lee Chan.

Chan says an overwhelming number of these accidents happened on just 10 percent of Fremont's streets. Another problem is GPS devices are guiding drivers through neighborhoods to avoid traffic jams.

"Children are outside playing," Chan said. "There are pedestrians who maybe aren't as mindful to look for traffic, so higher incidents of accidents are occurring."

One solution can be found at the Civic Center Drive crosswalk in front of Washington Hospital. It used to be dangerous there before the city narrowed the street from four lanes to two lanes, added flashing lights and large planters to calm traffic.

"I've had several close calls myself," said pedestrian Ben Williams. "One time I came here and there was a woman lying out in the street. I guess she got hit."

"I was 7 years old and we almost got run over by a car before this was built. Now, this make it a little bit better," said pedestrian Martin Cancho.

The other solution is awareness. The city says drivers and pedestrians need to get off of their devices and pay attention.

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