NFL crews prep football field at Levi's Stadium

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The NFL crews working on the field say they know it will have to withstand a lot of traffic before the Super Bowl game even starts. (KGO-TV)

The NFL showed off its transformation of Levi's Stadium for Super Bowl 50. The primary focus was on whether the new sod the NFL has laid down will be perfect for game day. The field is brand new, although it shares some things in common with the troublesome sod that plagued Levi's Stadium when it first opened.

It is the most important game of the season with zero tolerance with any divots or any player injuries, with a global audience watching. The NFL's head of field operations said that his coddled grass will meet high expectations.

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There is exceptional pride in creating the perfect field for the Super Bowl and it gets daily care. They say it will withstand El Nino storms, the halftime show featuring Coldplay, the Panthers and the Broncos.

They also tested the scoreboard which pictured Tom Brady, who won't be playing in the Super Bowl.

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New sod went in right after the last 49ers home game and it came from the very same sod farm in the Central Valley that has been supplying the turf at Levi's Stadium.

Even the blend is similar -- a base of Bermuda intermixed with rye grass.

Ed Mangan is the NFL's field director, and he got lots of questions as the league gave reporters a chance to see the transformation for Super Bowl 50. And he's quick to point out the field has to hold up for a multitude of pre-game and game day events.

"It's not just the game we're preparing this field for. It's all the activities that are going to be on this before the game. You've got your pre-game, your halftime shows. They all get time on this field beginning this weekend," Mangan explained.

The grass is cut almost daily. Its first test will come this weekend as entertainment rehearsals begin, but it will be covered to protect the turf.

"Nothing has been on it so far other than us, which has been great. We've got rain coming in this weekend, so we'll have to cover it for the rehearsals. They need to get in their work, too," Mangan said.

Crews are working on branding the field now that the teams are known.

"We're starting to paint on the field. Right behind me you can see the Broncos logo because this is going to be their bench area. We have Panthers' logo on the other side of the field and the end zones as well, but we will definitely have plenty of branding that is unique and custom to the two teams that are in the game," NFL director of events Eric Finkelstein said.

Ironically, the scoreboard featured the image of Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady, no doubt wishing he'd be playing in the Super Bowl.

The field team says they will have done their job if fans can focus on the game, not the grass.

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